Maine Made Custom Wood Furniture

custom-furnitureAre looking for a wood dining table? a wood chair? or possibly a mahogany table? China WoodWorks can design you your very own custom wood furniture piece.

Each piece of custom wood furniture that we build is made to fit your unique style and your home. It will be a one of a kind piece built just for you. You can be sure that the wood furniture that China WoodWorks builds for you will last a life time and will be able to be passed down from generation to generation.

You can have your fine wood furniture piece created from any type of wood. Whether it is a soft wood like Pine or hard wood such as Hickory, Brian Reny has over 20 years experience working with all of the common types of woods and even some exotic woods.


Our design process starts by identifying a need, and then focusing on function, form and style. We sketch our ideas based on the customer's need, the type of wood selected, and the appropriate building techniques. These ideas are reviewed, refined, and engineered according to our standard of excellent craftsmanship and distinctive design. We understand and never lose sight of the fact that the objects we make will play an important role in providing comfort and beauty to your home or office.

In the gallery you will find several fine wood furniture pieces that Brian has designed for other clients. Take a look around and get some ideas, then contact us (207.437.2697) so that he can start creating your custom wood furniture piece today.